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Two new updates from me on Filthy Figments to share. As usual, very very very NSFW links.

In Eat Me, will Rhonda sacrifice her life to save a world that might not exist, or can Lola nurse her back to health in time? The penultimate chapter in the series! (Also, I’m really happy with the cover background of the infinite pills; might have to make that into fabric.)

In The Lady Eudora Henley, the competition continues, and girls are starting to get eliminated. Will our narrator be among them? It was hard to find anything remotely SFW in this update to use as a preview.

Plus, we have a bunch of cool new artists on Filthy Figments in the past month, bringing lots of sexy sexy work, and I have a hot tip that some even more cool sexy ladies will be joining us very soon. There’s never been a better time to get in on this.






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Lemme reblog again and let you know why casting that white woman as the female lead in “Drive” was so fucking wrong and fucked up.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn literally gave Carey Mulligan the part because she “seemed pure,” like someone he wanted to protect.

No, really. He literally said that shit.

These traits were ones he literally did not consider a Latina for. He picked her specifically because he fit that damsel in distress imagine that’s been coded as white. Latinas were not even given the opportunity to audition for the role.


Let me post this again so people can see how we continuously allow (require?) movies to whitewash and erase POC out of media/our consciousness

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"I've learned it's important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do no matter what it is."

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Men’s Rights Activists.

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Salvador - Bahia

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"Amagura? Amar cura." Atibaia, São Paulo


"Amagura? Amar cura." Atibaia, São Paulo


Drag Race contestants walk LA fashion week for Marco Marco [x]

Fucking fabulous

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